Initiate your software wings with C training in Chandigarh

This is the era of internet and smart phones. All computer graduates should keep themselves skilled with at least in one computer language if they dream to make a big professional start in the field of information technology. The very basic computer language is C and C++. Both C and C++ is the must known language for all software people. The C and C++ training in Chandigarh will cover various topics including

  • Techniques in programming
  • Statements regarding decision making
  • Iterations
  • Functions
  • Macros and 1 D array

Eligibility criteria for C and C++ training in Mohali

    The following candidates are eligible to undertake C / C++ training:
  • Post graduates
  • Under graduates
  • 10th and 12th pass students

The basic knowledge on computers is a pre-requisite to take up this training. It will be an additional advantage if the candidate carries knowledge on any of the programming techniques. There are many institutes who are providing training in C and C++. But very few of them provide genuine training with many advantageous features. Lyons Technologies is one among them. It is located in Mohali and Chandigarh to deliver complete knowledge on both C and C++ for their students.

After completion of this basic C training in Mohali, one can further upgrade themselves in other fields like data structures and C++ programming, Java programming and C# programming.

The advantages of getting trained in C and C++ at Lyons

After completing the training course at Lyons Technologies, one will be able to design and develop programs using C and C++ language with additional features like decision making statements, loops, functions and arrays.

    They are capable enough to carry out various functions like,
  • Deploy single linked list
  • Use pointers to handle the integer arrays
  • Use preprocessor directives to develop programs
  • Develop modular programs by employing various functions
  • Design console based applications using C language.

Apart from this, they can also deploy various other structures, pointers and memory allocation. Their training also enables them to develop the command-line applications to access and then modify data in the files. They can also generate a linked list.

The complete education at the ideal destination will be the first step towards professional success.

C,C++ TRAINING - OOPs concept, Arrays, Pointers, File Handling, Exception Handling

Course Content:

  • C Programming Introduction of C
  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Operators & Expressions
  • Data Input & Output,Loops and Decisions
  • Functions ,Arrays,Pointers,Strings
  • Control Structure,File Stream
  • Operators and Function Overloading
  • C++, Data Structure Introduction of C++
  • OOPS, Virtual Functions
  • File & Streams
  • Implementing Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Applications Development Wizards
  • Templates and Exceptions Handling
  • Event Driven Programming
  • Understanding Code Modules
  • Introductions of SQL
  • Data Reports

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